The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) lay down the rights and obligations of the parties concerning the sales made on the website:

« ».

GTC are concluded between the simplified joint stock company LA RUCHE MODERNE, specialized in the distance selling of clothes, underwear, and accessories (hereinafter the “Goods”), registered under French law in the BAYONNE Trade and Companies Register under number 792991879, with a head office at 5 rue Pierre Dartiguelongue 64200 BIARRITZ  (hereinafter “HEMEN“), and the natural persons placing an order on the website « » (hereinafter “the Client”).

GTC exclusively concern natural persons having the legal capacity to contract.

The Goods displayed on the website (hereinafter Website) are intended for the Client’s personal use only. It is therefore strictly forbidden for Clients or recipients of the Goods to resell, rent, or otherwise supply in return of payment all or any of the Goods to any third party, private or professional.


All orders of any Goods displayed on HEMEN’s online shop imply the Client’s acceptance without reservation of all the GTC presented hereunder.

GTC prevail over any other conditions that may be opposed to them, in particular those relating to store and/or catalogue sale, and shall apply to any transaction between HEMEN and the Client, without regard to specific clauses added by the Client — without the express permission of the seller – and without regard to the publicity material issued by HEMEN, nor to any other document.

In the light of this, HEMEN reserves the right to amend or adapt the GTC at any time. Should changes be implemented, the applicable GTC are the ones in effect at the moment the Client places the order.

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Tel: +33 (0)8 203 203 63

It is managed by LA RUCHE MODERNE.

The publishing director is Mr MouazanEmmanuel, the manager of SAS LA RUCHE MODERNE.